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Main Street Data leverages over 4T yield and weather data elements, including 1.3B proprietary yield samples, to measure, monitor, and forecast weather/yield relationships.

With Main Street Data you will know better and you will know earlier.


NEW Highly accurate State/National yield forecast delivered up to 2X per day. See the changes in corn and soybean commodity supply earlier with Progressive WEATHERYield, and stay ahead of the curve.


Highly accurate, hyper-local yield forecast centered on the geography you choose. You can know better the corn and soybean supply in your local area with WEATHERYield.


Corn and soybean farmers and crop marketers can level the playing field with the better data science of our MarketVision crop marketing tool. Know better, see when to sell, and stay ahead of the curve with MarketVision.


Farmers can benchmark their performance normalizing for weather and other factors. Measure your true yield, validate your strategy, calculate your break-even and see your effectiveness down to a management-zone level with VALIDATOR.

Our Markets

Turns out, when you know the ways in which naturally-occurring factors affect crop production, a whole lot of people become interested. At Main Street Data, we’ve taken care to curate the cleanest ag data set and the most robust data models.

Because of this, we’re able to bring value to almost every part of the agriculture industry. Growers, cooperatives, agronomists, and more, can rest assured we offer insights based on sound and independent data science.

Decision Support

Our WeatherYield tool can help you with a valuable second opinion about local supply.


Crop Insurance & Reinsurance
Risk Management

Validator's data science lets you assess risk withn groups, at the individual grower level, or even down to the land itself.


Market Intelligence

Main Street Data brings you powerful views of global, national, and hyper-local supply -- with accuracy and completeness never before available. MarketVision presents a view of national and local FAIR VALUE based on proprietary data science.


Co-op Input Sales

Our WeatherYield and Validator products give you a unique, customized view into your service area, showing you locations for the best input-based improvement opportunities. This allows you to both protect and provide customized care to growers in your area.


Measuring Performance

Our Validator product helps you measure performance and plan modifications to practice -- allowing you to see micro-field results of your own "trials" and remove naturally occurring factors that affect performance. And our WeatherYield tool can be a great forecaster within the growing season -- to find out how BPA is affected by weather events and other


Ag Lending
Risk Management

Validator enables you to use grower data as a kind of credit score -- now you can see a grower's performance percentile score,  unique to their growing conditions.


Ethanol Plants
Decision Support

Our WeatherYield tool can help you with a valuable second opinion about local supply.


Landlords, Family Trusts,
& Farmland REITs
Tenant Performance Measurement

Validator can benchmark grower performance, allowing a new view into the return on your assets.


Decision Support

Our MarketVision product helps you make sell / hold decisions. And our Validator app can give you a better understanding of the results of your own micro-field trials, by removing the naturally occurring factors that can affect performance.


Grain Marketers
Merchandising Intelligence

Our WeatherYield tool helps you determine volume and timing of local grain supply for the coming season, so that capacity and operations can be optimized. MarketVision presents a view of national and local FAIR VALUE based on proprietary data science.


Rail & Truck
Asset Positioning

With Main Street Data, you can forecast production in any area, so that you can save money by pre-positioning assets in the right place.


Latest News

Historic 2019 Harvest Comes to a Close

Progressive WeatherYield Forecast Many of the 2019 Harvest Big Moments2019 ended as a run-of-the-mill harvest for corn in terms of area harvested, with 81.8 million acres in 2019 versus 81.7 million in 2018. While it’s a bit anticlimactic for such a tumultuous year to...



Main Street Data is the agriculture industry’s only independent and unbiased resource for the analysis of farm performance at the field and subfield level.

Seven years of controlled data collection

Most ag data today is messy, incomplete, and often uncalibrated. Ours is not. That’s because it was collected over a long duration and wide geography, using a rigorous 300 point pre-calibration process.

BILLION data samples

MILLION dollars in data collection costs

YEARS of controlled data collection

The future of agriculture

depends on data, which is why

today’s ag leaders depend on

Main Street Data.

The Bottom Line

For AG Business

We enable ag-related organizations to dive deeper than ever before into the data and insights that drive better decisions.

For Growers

We provide growers with an objective scorecard for farming practices, along with insights for where to invest for better return.

Main Street Data


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