LUBBOCK, Texas July 9, 2018 – GiSC (Grower Information Services Cooperative), the agricultural industry’s only grower-run data cooperative, has ramped up its benefits for the nation’s farmers with a newly-bolstered suite of ag tech offerings to help them improve operations at all levels.

The only producer-owned organization focused solely on ag technology and data storage for growers, GiSC offers a secure platform for member farmers to capture, store and optimize their operational and yield data. The resulting repository of anonymous member data from across the country is continually refreshed, aggregated and analyzed to produce relevant insights growers can use to improve their operations. Additionally, GiSC’s collaboration with IBM and Main Street Data provides members access to advanced weather and data analytic capabilities, and data tools for benchmarking and operational insights. Growers also have access to a forum of the companies’ ag technology experts for product feedback and future product input.

“Our goal is to provide for growers the obvious benefits of ag technology in a way that protects their interests,” said Billy Tiller, GiSC CEO. “Our platform gives them security and control over their intellectual property – farm operation data – while also allowing them to realize the value of operational benchmarks and insights, and the latest in ag data analytics.”

GiSC recently introduced to its members the Validator, the first in a series of data tools developed by Main Street Data that enables them to validate that the farming practice decisions they make every year are achieving their production goals. The Validator is the ag industry’s first broadly-based independent data tool providing growers with subfield-level visibility to any gaps between the yield potential at a relevant benchmark level versus their actual yields, and performance comparison to others farming under like conditions. This tool is operational in corn and soybeans, with other crops available for benchmarking in the near future.

“The Validator is the first in the set of grower-centric tools we plan to deliver to foster their success today and, in the future,” said Ron T. LeMay, CEO of Main Street Data. “Our goal in this collaboration is to serve as the farmers’ advocate, an independent resource of data and data science solutions to address the issues they face and allow them to leverage opportunities to improve their productivity, profitability and sustainability.”

GiSC members can purchase Validator Platinum, a five-year trend plan for $2.50/acre, or Validator Premium, a single-year (2018) plan for $.85/acre. With either product, members also receive at no charge Validator Preview which provides the last three years of the field level benchmarks at the 70th percentile for either corn or soybeans.

“The Validator Preview is an additional benefit from Main Street Data that shows its commitment to bring data science to the field with real world examples of the benefits. It’s like a test drive to help a grower understand what is possible,” said Tiller.

Membership in GiSC is available for $500 annually. The annual membership fee carries a prorated money-back guarantee and the MSD Validator carries a full money-back guarantee with the only condition being the member provide the reason for the refund request so the feedback can be used for product or operational improvement.

Main Street Data and Grower Information Services Cooperative are members of IBM PartnerWorld, IBM’s premiere partner program empowering businesses with the tools and resources they need to help transform clients into industry leaders.


Main Street Data is an agriculture data analytics company that has the largest and highest quality data set of corn, soybean and wheat yield, as well as related naturally-occurring variables at the granular resolution of 150 square feet. Through data science and machine learning, the company creates tools to help farmers optimize production and maximize the price received for their crops.

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