Main Street Data recently joined the National Introducing Brokers Association (NIBA) and will attend its “Future of Brokerage” conference on September 12th in Chicago. Main Street Data is the agriculture industry’s leading independent technology firm, working at the intersection of agronomy and data science in the extended agriculture eco system.

At the event, Main Street Data will showcase its Progressive WeatherYield product, which helps traders stay ahead of the curve by gaining access to frequent changes in corn and soybean commodity supply. Progressive WeatherYield provides twice-daily national, state, and county crop forecasts for corn and soybean yields. These crop forecasts are highly accurate and based on over 4T yield and weather data elements — including 1.3B proprietary yield samples – to measure, monitor, and forecast weather/yield relationships.

Main Street Data will host a booth to educate conference attendees about its powerful data tools. In addition to Progressive WeatherYield, Main Street Data offers WeatherYield, a hyperlocal yield forecasting product, MarketVision, a grower grain trading and management product, and Validator, a product that benchmarks grower or advisor performance net of uncontrollable factors.

As a nationally recognized organization for derivatives professionals, NIBA is an independent representative for introducing brokers. The September conference will focus on the future of brokerage, including a session looking specifically at the grain markets.

Main Street Data believes that when big data is of actionable quality, its meaning can dramatically alter future outcomes. Leveraging over 4T yield and weather data elements, including 1.3B proprietary yield samples, Main Street Data measures, monitors, and forecasts weather/yield relationships. Main Street Data’s Progressive WeatherYield product delivers reliable national, state, and county corn and soybean forecasts up to 2x per day – helping traders and hedgers know better.


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