Conditions are favorable for the 20/21 growing season, with higher-than-average plantings for both corn and soybeans.

Today is a big day for U.S. crop data and the upcoming growing season as the USDA publishes the 2020/21 outlook for corn and soybeans. Conditions have, for the most part, been favorable to crops as confirmed by a corn planting at 67% compared to the average of 56%; and soybeans planting at 38% compared to the average of 23% for this week. Seasonal weather forecasts from IBM indicate a continuation of favorable growing conditions for most of the country.

Main Street Data has developed a computerized simulation of growing season crop growth, grain development and yield potential simulated through a machine learning algorithm that interprets current available soil water supply and weather conditions relative to crop stage. The weather conditions are updated twice a day from IBM’s state-of-the-art 15-day weather forecast and IBM’s 6-month seasonal forecasts through to the end of growing season.


The above chart, reflecting growing season yield forecasts, was generated the morning of May 12 by the Main Street Data Progressive WeatherYield service. Forecasted yields are highly elastic to daily crop stage development and forecasted weather events.Progressive WeatherYield helps traders and producers know better about growing season yields, especially in unpredictable conditions.

See how Progressive WeatherYield can help you forecast yield sooner, and more accurately.


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