Main Street Data is constantly improving our grower solutions

Main Street Data is a small company with a large ambition, to increase the productivity of the Ag Ecosystem by using data to drive better decisions. In order to bring that vision to scale we welcome partners who can offer our solutions to growers.

Yield forecasting shows soil moisture on rebound, with dryness persisting in the Western Corn Belt

During our 2020 Crop Tour we showed our crop forecasting model in action as we moved through the growing season, providing daily forecasts at the National, State, County, and specific draw territory levels.  As we speak, the Progressive WeatherYield product is evaluating soil moisture levels and long-range weather forecasts, and we’ll start producing 2021 crop forecasts in April. Soil moisture levels are currently on the rebound in most of the Midwest and should be at near-normal levels by spring except for perhaps areas in the Western Corn Belt. Current long-range forecasts have most of Nebraska, extreme Western Iowa, and Kansas with below normal soil moisture in April and May.  We will keep monitoring these maps as we move closer to Spring.

Grain marketing platform can provide critical guidance on when to hold, and when to sell

Our Grain Marketing Platform — MarketVision — also continues to provide critical guidance on when to sell grain.  MarketVision creates important daily farm-specific profitability forecasts, as price and production change through the growing season.  This data is critical to making more informed grain marketing decisions.  Learn more here at:

This new data tool shows gains per county, with an average of $50/acre for corn

Enter your county at to see how MarketVision would have performed against that county’s average calculated USDA price. There is also a video from last summer’s Digital Crop Tour showing how MarketVision works and the benefits it provides. It can be highly beneficial to offer this outstanding solution to your customers. Margins on sales, the chance to provide unique value in an area where growers admit they need the most help, and the increased communication of valuable data points from the farm are some of the major benefits.

Our benchmarking tool shows how growers stack up, for better agronomic decisions

We also offer agronomy solutions providing yield benchmarks that can only be accurately produced by Main Street due to our proprietary yield data set. These benchmarks offer a much better way than using yield to measure productivity. The value is immense if you are evaluating the benefits of changes in agronomic decisions from year to year or evaluating field trial data across a territory or region. The process to receive the benchmark scores is as easy as a field location provided by an API or individually. See more detail about Main Street Data’s GrowingScore product here.

Contact us to discuss demos, partnerships, and our full suite of products

If you have any questions or want more details, please reach out and we will happy to discuss with you. Usually, a short demo over the web is a great way for you to learn about the products. We are sincere in our approach and will do everything we can to make a partnership successful for you and your growers.

We are excited for the turning of the calendar and hope there is some much-needed optimism as we work to fight this most difficult pandemic. We hope all of you stay safe and healthy and have a joyous and happy Holiday Season.


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