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First Freeze Now Predicted for Late September. Since Every Warm Day Matters in This Year’s Corn Production – How Likely is an Early Frost in Your Area?

Corn production is a topic on everyone’s mind these days, and the big question is: when will the first freeze put an end to the 2019 growing season? The map below shows the first freeze possible in the Upper Midwest on September 29, which is later than the 30-year...

USDA lowers their corn yield forecast from 176 to 166 bushels, trending towards Main Street Data’s existing forecast. The USDA 10-bushel drop matched closely to MSD’s loss of 9 bushels of national yield due to late planting.

The last three years have seen record corn yields with relatively small yield volatility. 2019 is already very different. As a result of the slow planting pace, the USDA took the unusual step of lowering its forecast for corn yield by 10 bushels. Yield has...

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