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USDA lowers their corn yield forecast from 176 to 166 bushels, trending towards Main Street Data’s existing forecast. The USDA 10-bushel drop matched closely to MSD’s loss of 9 bushels of national yield due to late planting.

The last three years have seen record corn yields with relatively small yield volatility. 2019 is already very different. As a result of the slow planting pace, the USDA took the unusual step of lowering its forecast for corn yield by 10 bushels. Yield has...

Soil Moisture: 1993 vs. 2019

Above normal Midwest rain has saturated the soil in a pattern much like in 1993. As a result, corn planting was delayed by three weeks in some locations. The corn production loss in 1993 was catastrophic in the modern era. (33% decline from the prior year). Main...

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