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You Should Know Better

Main Street Data was formed in 2017 to bring precise data to the agriculture world.

While data has improved in many other industries, agriculture remains behind the curve – and Main Street Data is here to change that.

Just as a surgeon might use a laser rather than a scalpel, in the ag industry we can use far more precise data to inform our daily choices. While anecdotal information such as how our neighbors are doing can still tell us much, it’s time to put science to work in our fields.

This improvement is not just necessary so that growers can remain competitive. It’s necessary so we can improve the efficiency of modern agriculture. It’s necessary so we can experience better ROI, and save our family farms. It’s necessary for the well-being of all stakeholders in the agriculture industry – from marketers to agronomists to growers.

Our Partners

The Bottom Line

For AG Business

We enable ag-related organizations to dive deeper than ever before into the data and insights that drive better decisions.

For Growers

We provide growers with an objective scorecard for farming practices, along with insights for where to invest for better return.

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