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Step 1

County Average Tool

Select your county from the drop-down to see how much you can gain per acre.

The table shows the average USDA sold price, over the past 7 years.



Step 2

Video Tutorial

Watch the short video to learn how MarketVision works, with sell and hold windows to improve your grain marketing and increase your revenue.

Step 3

Want to learn more? Click on these common terms and questions, to get more detailed answers immediately.

How many counties and states are covered in the County Average Tool?

All counties for the following states are included: Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin.

How does MarketVision create sell windows for grain marketing?

MarketVision uses ​proprietary, daily-updated supply and demand forecasts from Main Street Data to drive algorithms and technical analysis that create windows for growers to both sell and hold their grain. 

How far ahead do the sell windows show an opportunity to increase revenue?

MarketVision ​produces sell signals for 24 months for each crop year. It starts approximately 12 months prior to harvest and operates 12 months after harvest. As an example: For the 2021 crop, Market Vision began producing sell windows on 9/1/20 and will continue until 8/31/22. Generally, the product is providing guidance for two crop years at all times.   

Does MarketVision show historical data?

Yes, historical data is shown in the software for 5 years. Information beyond 5 years is available upon request.  

How much revenue can be gained by using MarketVision?

Our backtests show an average of $50/acre gained, for corn, against USDA average sold prices over the past 7 years.

How does MarketVision show farm profitability?

The user enters ​farm level production data, and MarketVision ​uses data science to account for weather and growing conditions – resulting in a focused daily yield forecast ​that creates daily anticipated production for each farm. A daily weighted average price is determined based on bushels sold and the value of the unsold grain, minus production cost per acre. All of this information is delivered to you each day on the Farm Dashboard, providing a critical potential profitability view of your farming operation.    

How does MarketVision show the future value of unsold grain?

MarketVision uses the percent unsold and delivery point pricing to project a weighted price per bushel, calculating projected revenue and profit from those figures.

How many delivery points do you offer?

We show ​most of the normal delivery points within all of the states and counties listed. ​If a delivery point is missing, we will work to see if it can be added.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

MarketVision’s free trial will be available for 30 days, at no cost or obligation, so you can give it a test drive and obtain free consultation on how it works. All we ask is that you sign our SAAS agreement before obtaining the free trial.


Step 4

Free Consultation

When you’re ready, let us walk you through the features and benefits of MarketVision, with a free, no-commitment consultation.

Contact Tim Davis:

Tim Davis of Main Street Data

Step 5 30-Day Free Trial

Try MarketVision for 30 days, with no obligation and no cost, by clicking the Try Now button and entering “TryFree” in the coupon code section. We will keep you informed of updates and developments as they occur. The 30-day trial includes consultation, to help you start increasing your revenue right away.

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