Level the playing field for growers by use of proprietary data and data science to identify times and amounts to sell.

MarketVision is available to growers through GISC, a farmer-owned national data cooperative

Trade Using Proprietary Data Science

MarketVision by Main Street Data, is a dynamic web-based grain-marketing tool that helps growers optimize their grain trading and profits. It can be used during the growing season to dynamically estimate harvest yield as the season progresses and assist the grower in timing grain marketing decisions. The tool incorporates best in class weather data from IBM and provides local weather conditions, market views, and grain marketing information. The combination of proprietary data analytics from Main Street Data and IBM weather delivers growers a dynamic solution to optimize and enhance their grain marketing decisions.

Profit from MarketVision

National Fair Value is based on national and foreign economics, including the market cost of carry

Local Fair Value derives from the National Fair Value for a given elevator or farm

Red / green Historical Basis graph shows a current view of basis movement compared to historical trends

Progressive Benchmark is a forward-looking yield benchmark based on current weather conditions

MarketVision shows the current growing degree days, precipitation, and evapotranspiration for any field compared to historical norms


  • See indicators that support sell / hold decision-making
  • Forecast yields with exceptional accuracy
  • Know where a selected farm or crop
    stands financially
  • Determine whether a particular grain sale or purchase is competitive

If you move grain, you need MarketVision

Decision Support

Grain Marketers
Merchandising Intelligence

Market Intelligence

The Bottom Line

For AG Business

We enable ag-related organizations to dive deeper than ever before into the data and insights that drive better decisions.

For Growers

We provide growers with an objective scorecard for farming practices, along with insights for where to invest for better return.

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