Advanced Yield Forecasting — Know Bigger, Better, and Before Anyone Else

We live in a world of big data. But big data means nothing without the analytics to make it meaningful – and actionable. And big data is only meaningful when it’s precise. Progressive WeatherYield delivers corn and soybean forecasts you can rely on, up to 2x per day.

Crop Forecasting for Corn and Soybeans Yield: Now You Can Know Better AND Earlier

With Progressive WeatherYield, you can now access twice-daily crop forecasts for corn and soybean yields. These crop forecasts are highly accurate and based on over 4T yield and weather data elements — including 1.3B proprietary yield samples, to measure, monitor, and forecast weather/yield relationships.

If you’re a grain marketer, commodities trader, or hedger, Progressive WeatherYield can keep you ahead of the curve, by gaining access to frequent changes in corn and soybean commodity supply.

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Crop Forecasting Features

  • Continuous national crop forecasting
  • Market-moving changes in supply
  • Available 2x daily, weekly, and monthly

Crop Forecasting Benefits

  • See changes before competitors
  • Gain more accurate data for grain marketing decisions
  • Leverage machine learning that considers soil, water, and weather

What Drives the Progressive WeatherYield Crop Forecasting Model?

  • Trend improvements in genetics and agronomic technologies
  • Non-weather factors
  • Planting date
  • Speed of crop growth and development
  • Excessive heat during pollination and high temps during grain fill
  • Drought moisture deficit throughout the crop stages
  • Flooding-related stress and associated Nitrogen fertilizer losses 
  • Temperature-driven growth and development

Know Better — This is Ag Data Science Done Right

Main Street Data crop forecasting leverages over 4T yield and weather data elements, including 1.3B proprietary yield samples, to measure, monitor, and forecast weather/yield relationships.

The Main Street Data corn and soybean yield crop forecasting model is a computerized representation of crop growth, grain development and yield potential simulated through machine learning interpreting the soil, available water supply, and weather conditions organized by crop stage.


I’m Ron LeMay, CEO of Main Street Data. Contact me to get started on this powerful platform.





Final USDA Report Agrees With MSD’s Soybean Yield Forecast

Final USDA Report Matches MSD Corn Yield & Harvested Acres Forecast


Level the playing field by using proprietary data and data science to identify times and amounts to sell. 

Put data science to work with our powerful, hyper-local, crop forecasting tool.

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