Forecast supply and optimize accuracy of reserves — by knowing yield sooner, and more often.

Progressive Weatheryield

Progressive WeatherYield is a crop forecast product for corn and soybeans, using crop-stage modeling, and reporting to you up to 2 times per day.

Forecast supply and optimize accuracy of reserves — by knowing yield sooner, and more often.

Progressive Weatheryield

Progressive WeatherYield is a crop forecast product for corn and soybeans, using crop-stage modeling, and reporting to you up to 2 times per day.

For Grain Commodity Traders

Knowing the yield means knowing the price.

Progressive WeatherYield provides a continuous view of crop yield, giving commodity traders the ability to accurately anticipate supply at county, state, and national levels. Progressive WeatherYield updates up to 2x a day during the growing season, with a model based on our proprietary 1.3B samples of yield, carefully collected across millions of acres and 26 states – as well as 20 years of detailed weather matched to the sample locations.

For Ag Insurers

Knowing the yield means knowing your reserves.

Progressive WeatherYield ensures ongoing awareness of accurate yield expectations, to optimize the accuracy of loss reserves, and to support private product underwriting and marketing. Progressive WeatherYield provides weekly updates on actual weather, with a 15-day forecast overlay for even more accurate results. This forecast provides access to highly accurate information for determining reserves and sales.

Beginning April 1, 2020, the forecast frequency will be increased to daily, and the weather forecast will be integrated into the yield model, predicting forecasts for up to 6 months ahead.

Crop Forecasting for Corn and Soybeans Yield: Now You Can Know Better and Earlier

With Progressive WeatherYield, you can now access twice-daily crop forecasts for corn and soybean yields. These crop forecasts, using crop-stage modeling, are highly accurate and based on over 4 trillion yield and weather data elements — including 1.3 billion proprietary yield samples, to measure, monitor, and forecast weather/yield relationships.

Progressive WeatherYield by Main Street Data

< This dynamic chart shows how Progressive WeatherYield forecasts yield based on massive amounts of historical yield and growing conditions data, along with trillions of weather data elements. Note how PWY (green dots) foretells the USDA estimates well in advance of release – generally 4 weeks ahead of their reports.

Dynamic Chart Showing Corn Yield & Price History

For Grain Commodity Traders

What Drives the GRAIN TRADING Model?

  • Supply and weather in the grain commodities markets
  • 15-day flash forecast indicating near term opportunities
  • Weather Forecast up to 6 months for long range yield forecast

    GRAIN TRADING Features

    • Continuous view of yield forecast based on crop stage
    • Twice-daily updates during the growing season
    • Easily accessible and actionable data


      GRAIN TRADING Benefits

      • Support your trading plan with earlier, more accurate supply and demand numbers
      • Leverage world class data science for improved outcomes

      For Ag Insurers

      What Drives the CROP FORECASTING Model?

      • Meticulous data analysis produced by a unique data set, carefully curated and subjected to a superior level of quality assurance
      • Access to data visualization, as well as the data behind it

        CROP FORECASTING Features

        • Continual awareness of accurate yield expectations
        • Weekly updates and forecasts during the growing season
        • Visualizations, supporting data, and causation analyses


          CROP FORECASTING Benefits

          • Know weather-impacted yield sooner and more accurately, to achieve highest accuracy in financial reporting reserves estimation
          • Support private marketing decision-making, with higher yield accuracy
          • Let earlier, more accurate yield projections inform your marketing decisions
          Progressive WeatherYield by Main Street Data

          HOW IT WORKS

          Main Street Data leverages the power of data giant IBM, applying machine learning and human intelligence to massive amounts of weather and related data.


          • Views by individual state(s) or nationwide
          • Updated 2x daily or weekly
          • Visualization maps and CSV files
          Access our proprietary data science through our web app, which allows you to view maps and download data. To view the standard SaaS agreement, click here.

          Our MarketVision subscriptions can be custom designed to meet the needs of your enterprise. To find out more about these agile solutions, contact one of our sales executives.

          Ronald LeMay

          Ronald LeMay


          Insurers, Reinsurers & Lenders

          Kathy Walker

          Kathy Walker


          Insurers, Reinsurers & Lenders

          Ag Data Science Done Right

          The Main Street Data forecasting model leverages a massive amount of yield and weather data elements to identify and interpret causes, as well as measure, monitor, and forecast a wide variety of outcomes. This crop forecasting model is based on MSD’s proprietary Crop Stage approach, applying machine learning to billions of samples of yield and 10s of billions of field and weather-related data elements. The analytical interpretations derived from this powerful forecasting model are valuable to a wide range of users, including growers, traders, insurers, lenders, agronomists, and co-ops.

          See How Human Intelligence is Transforming Data Science.

          Data Elements Include:

          • soil characteristics
          • water holding capacity
          • water availability at multiple depths
          • trillions of historical weather data elements
          • weather forecasts ranging from 15 days to 6 months
          • 1.3B yield samples across 26 states

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          Bringing Human Intelligence to Data Science in the Ag Space

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