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Tim Davis


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MarketVision, offered by CommoditAg

Easy to use web-based software that gives you complete control from enterprise to field.

  • daily farm profitability
  • sell & hold signals
  • dynamic yield forecasts
  • updated price action
$200.00/month until cancelled

Substantial Gains

Our backtests show an average gain of $50 per acre over calculated USDA average sold prices in the past 7 years.

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Data Visualization shows sell and hold window

Using proprietary data science, MarketVision creates sell and hold windows throughout the year, helping growers understand the best times to sell a portion of their grain. MarketVision also help growers find and choose a delivery point, resulting in current basis and cash price opportunities at that site.

The above sell windows (shown in green) reveal opportunities for growers to sell grain and potentially increase revenue

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A Profitability Tool

MarketVision is a digital farm management tool that helps growers optimize grain trading and profits. It’s used year-round to dynamically estimate harvest yield and guide the grower in grain marketing decisions. 

Proprietary data analytics from Main Street Data and IBM deliver a reliable solution to help growers optimize profits. Back tests show an average gain of $50/acre across the past seven years, when compared to USDA average sold prices.

When to Pull the Trigger

The MarketVision tool incorporates best in class IBM weather data and market conditions to create sell/hold windows that give growers prime opportunities for grain marketing. Additional app features provide percent sold and projected profit views by farm or county, translating national yield forecasts to the field level.

How it Works

Main Street Data uses the power of data science to leverage IBM’s massive amount of weather data – applying machine learning and human intelligence to create valuable business insights.

Access our proprietary data science through the MarketVision web app. To view the standard SaaS agreement, click here.

Simple to Use

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Simple Pricing

Use MarketVision to manage as many farms as you want. We don’t charge by acres, contracts, or fields. Just one flat monthly fee of $200 gives you access to everything MarketVision offers.

30-Day Free Trial Means You Can Cancel Anytime



  • See indicators that support sell / hold decision-making
  • Forecast yields with exceptional accuracy
  • Determine whether a potential grain sale is competitive
  • See daily farm profitability


  • Understand where a selected farm, field, or crop stands financially
  • Get unbiased decision support to help with market timing
  • Put current basis into historical perspective
  • Separate your farm into as many entities as desired, and monitor each one for profitability

Weather Vision

  • See your farm’s weather factors, including evapotranspiration and precipitation, at-a-glance. 
MarketVision weather screen

Know Your Breakeven

  • Understand your break-even point and projected year-end profitability, every day, with our integrated crop production forecast for your farm.
  • This process helps a grower manage his true percent sold, as his crop shrinks or grows throughout the season. The value is derived by avoiding an oversold status in small crop years, while taking advantage of higher early season prices in high-yield years.
MarketVision break-even

No Obligation 30-day FREE trial. Try it today.


Ag Data Science Done Right

The Main Street Data forecasting model leverages a massive amount of yield and weather data elements to identify and interpret causes, as well as measure, monitor, and forecast a wide variety of outcomes. This crop forecasting model is based on MSD’s proprietary Crop Stage approach, applying machine learning to billions of samples of yield and 10s of billions of field and weather-related data elements. The analytical interpretations derived from this powerful forecasting model are valuable to a wide range of users, including growers, traders, insurers, lenders, agronomists, and co-ops.

See How Human Intelligence is Transforming Data Science.

Data Elements Include:

  • soil characteristics
  • water holding capacity
  • water availability at multiple depths
  • trillions of historical weather data elements
  • weather forecasts ranging from 15 days to 6 months
  • 1.3B yield samples across 26 states

Ag Insights

Knowing Better Means Knowing Sooner

Main Street Data Brings Valuable Insights to Growers

Main Street Data Brings Valuable Insights to Growers

Main Street Data is constantly improving our grower solutions Main Street Data is a small company with a large ambition, to increase the productivity of the Ag Ecosystem by using data to drive better decisions. In order to bring that vision to scale we welcome...

Bringing Human Intelligence to Data Science in the Ag Space



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