Benchmark grower performance by normalizing for uncontrollable factors. Measure grower effectiveness at management zone level.

If every farmer in America worked the same field in the same weather…

Validator is a unique web app that consolidates current and historical agronomic data, allowing farmers to benchmark yield performance and increase ROI. Developed with insights from 150 square foot precision, Validator has the most comprehensive and highest quality ag data set available.

The Validator application shows yield, yield gap, and ROI potential in bushels and dollars, and growers can benchmark by percentile or bushels per acre. Management zones can be exported as KML or Shapefiles to share with agronomists and other stakeholders.


  • Take weather out of the performance equation
  • Find each field’s trouble spots unrelated to soil quality
  • Understand which fields have the best opportunities
  • Prioritize where to focus time and resources through auto-generated management zones
  • Assess improvement effectiveness by comparing benchmark performance year to year

One tool, many uses.

Measuring Performance

Ag Lending
Risk Management

Landlords, Family Trusts,
& Farmland REITs
Tenant Performance Measurement

Decision Support

Crop Insurance & Reinsurance
Risk Management

Co-op Input Sales

The Bottom Line

For AG Business

We enable ag-related organizations to dive deeper than ever before into the data and insights that drive better decisions.

For Growers

We provide growers with an objective scorecard for farming practices, along with insights for where to invest for better return.

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